Who Is Amanda?

I started working in therapy because of my deep love of human flow states. That would eventually lead me down the rabbit hole of beginning to understand how our minds work, or more importantly what happens to us when the are faced with circumstances that can limit us from living a whole and vibrant life.

My own journey with life changing experiences put me on the path to learning about healing from PTSD. Time spent in Afghanistan as a medic in the Field hospital Unit had left a very real mark on my own mind and inner world. It would take me years to unearth my authentic and healthy self.

Along that path I realised I could not do this alone, so I sort out some of the most unique and illuminated, humans I could access.

It was a time in which putting my past behind me became my own heroes journey and the lessons gave me the courage to begin exploring just how I can heal and bring my own authentic voice and practices into the world.

As I began uncovering techniques and practitioners that would have a profound affect on my health and wellbeing. I decided I would work with invisible trauma and how we communicate the stories that are within a person and affecting them everyday.

I trained in Intergrative Hypnotherapy with Mellisa Tiers in NYC. This enabled me to start great independent work in the UK. I complimented that with an eye movement therapy qualification. (IEMT) Which I am proud to say has enabled so many individuals to move past their very own personal experiences of PTSD, physical and emotional trauma. I like to keep it simple. One qualification for each side of the brain.

Within a few moths I was running a lonelieness campaign and providing laughter as medicine through the long December nights. Thousands of online views let me know many individuals benefitted.

The story continues and for now I get to help others find themselves again.

You are never lost just misplaced