One Evening talking with Amanda is is like getting a shot of Oxytocin

Jo Jell.

I started seeing Amanda after I got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I had hit rock bottom. Amanda has honestly changed my life and I couldn’t be more grateful. I had been taking all different tablets to try and help and nothing was working. I had deep rooted emotions that was causing me horrendous pain. After a couple of sessions with Amanda the difference was incredible. Amanda was there every step of the way and now I am not on any medication, fit and healthy and back to work. I have my life back thanks to the Amanda.


My son was born very early at 29 weeks. He suffered numerous problems at birth and the weeks following at on point needing resuscitation. I have been telling doctors since he was 9 months old that he Cry’s too much that something is wrong. No one would even acknowledge a problem or they have said things like “he has you under the thumb, just let him cry it out”. He has been a grumpy old man since he was 3lbs. Amanda paid us a visit and not only immediately acknowledged my mothers intuition as being correct but also gave my son a treatment to ease his symptoms that are making him miserable. Since his treatment I have noticed such a difference he’s no longer crying most of the time. Its was a rare day that he would not wake up crying but he now wakes up quiet and content. He hasn’t had nearly as many tantrums and they are now what I would consider a normal 2 year old tantrum it doesn’t go on and on for hours like it used to. I highly recommend Amanda, she’s not only helped me massively with my trauma but has now helped my son as well.


Sometimes amazing people come into our lives for a purpose, I truly believe that Amanda is one of those people. My 15 year old son had been dealing with lots of issues surrounding feelings of anger and was struggling to understand why he felt that way. After working with Amanda via an online chat he has a better understanding of how to deal with his feelings and why he was so angry. Amanda worked with him for 2 hours and he was so much calmer and relaxed a completely different boy.
Words cannot describe how grateful we are for the support and knowledge that Amanda has given to us.


Last night Amanda took me through an introduction session and I was TOTALLY blown away. I have been running on empty for so long and this morning I woke with the biggest smile on my face at 0530. My daughter immediately noticed a difference in me. I have literally floated through today feeling so light and free from the constant anxieties and adrenal fatigue that have been with me for the past 6 years.
Amanda is one of the most wonderful, caring, kind and dedicated people I have been honoured to meet and work with. An exceptional lady with the most amazing drive to helping people out of pain.
Thank you so much Amanda. I know now that I can be a better me than ever before


Before working with Amanda, I was trapped in a world where I was a shell of myself, I was stumbling around the same place not knowing how to get out. I didn’t feel anything, life had been numb for a while. I couldn’t tell you who I was, what I was doing or where I was going. Life was dark, fear filled, lonely and empty. All I knew was that my past and the traumas I had faced were consuming me and pulling me down to the darkest place. I knew if I did not seek action, as in really take serious action, soon it would be too late. I had tried through other means to work on my past but to no real success. That’s when I was put into contact with Amanda through a mutual connection. I say now, that is the day my life changed, it changed in momentous style, I didn’t realise it then. However, I truly see and appreciate now that Amanda has been the person to pull me from the depths of my darkness, being my guide, my support, my biggest supporter, holding the light till I was ready to take control myself.Working with Amanda directly for a month truly has changed my life. Not only how I see myself, but how others see me. I would have said a month ago change was the scariest thing I could have experience, but now, change is an adventure and I embracing the change every day. I can now see the future, the darkness has lifted, and the sun is shining through, there are goals, dreams, ambitions and love filling the future. Working subconsciously and in journaling, Amanda has provided me with all the basis I need to be able to go on and strive to be the person I know I can be. This has been a tough process I will not lie, but as soon as you realise that you can do it, the changes come flooding in. Amanda is the most supportive person, she helped me realise this even when I was adamant I couldn’t do it. Work hard and the rewards are truly special. Life is worth living now, life is beautiful, life is happy, life is free. I would never have reached this place without Amanda, never. She has shown me my true worth, I am forever and eternally thankful and grateful for working with her, she saved my life from the suffocating and consuming darkness. The light is now shining, and nothing will dim it. And when there are tough times, I know I will always have Amanda’s support, to encourage and tell me I can do it. Thank you Amanda, thank you isn’t really enough.


I came to Amanda through a mutual friend. I was told on numerous occasions to ask for some help with a whole host of things going on in my life, but being a young headstrong lad I was for a while too determined and at times scared to ask for it.One day quite recently I finally plucked up the courage to ask for that help from Amanda. I couldn’t place together or say exactly what I wanted to change when I first sent a message, in fact it was almost a load of drivvle and mumble which is quite out of character for me. The first message I got back reassured me a put me at ease that whatever was going on or had happened could and will change. Although still with a bit of trepidation I went through with my first session and after almost instantaneously I had my first breakthrough with her. We got to work quick and I have not looked backed since. I’m writing this now off the back of our second session. Despite being a confident person on the whole the reassurance and effective work Amanda does is second to none and is sending me rocketing up!!!I’ve come across a lot of what would be by normal standards impressive people even in my few years so it takes something special for me to be impressed or quite frankly in awe but I am with Amanda. I know some of this might all sound cliche and a bit cheese but in my heart of hearts it’s what I believe. After such a rough time recently this has been a massive part of getting past it all and I’m more than glad I took that step to get in touch. The confidence boost I’ve got after is second to none.Working quick suits me down to a t. I always presumed that this process would take years but with Amanda it’s not like that, at least for me. The improvements are instantaneous. I’ve often struggled to find the right person to get help from, but I’ve had no such problem with Amanda at all. I can relate a lot with her, which makes it so much easier to communicate. Instead of what can sometimes be a sterile environment within a surgery or official building I feel much more at ease.


Amanda is amazing! 
I have had one session with her and already the change in myself is incredible. 
I have been dealing with anxiety for quite some time and often it is triggered by events in my life. 
Since the birth of my daughter and an accident that my son had my anxiety had gotten to the point where I shut myself away from the world. I didn’t really go out, I wouldn’t go to the shops or drive anymore I felt completely overwhelmed and out of control if I attempted to do anything out of my usual routine or on my own. 
I relied on my husband far too much and ignored the problem.
Then my husband had an unavoidable deployment coming up leaving me alone for several months and I knew I needed some help if I was going to get through it. 
After one session I can already feel the benefits, my anxiety hasn’t triggered. I was able to make a long car journey without freaking out and go to a big family event without feeling overwhelmed! 
For me that’s and big deal! I still have several weeks ahead of me on on my own with two small children but I don’t feel the anxious knot in my stomach anymore or certainly not as much. 
Thank you Amanda you’ve helped me so much and I am so grateful x


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