Rogue Podcasts

The RogueTherapy Podcast Click the link to get Amanda in full uncensored Rogue Mode. Talking all things subconcious mind, life, laughter and living. If want an audio hug click the link and get my voice in your ears on the regs… Find me on spotify, Anchor & Apple.

Podcasts I have been invited on..

The Wellness Academy Podcast with Danny : We talk creating saftey, how to navigate difficult relativies. Covid, Meditation and performance. How Harry Potter Fans can go next level..

Wellness Academy Podcast

Chew The Chat With Sam Souls Sam and Me had a blast talking about my life, PTSD, Over coming family trauma, how hypnotherapy saved my life and some of the many adventures I’ve had on rivers and my experience of landing a dream job at the Olympic Games.

Awaken The Mind With David Yolas PTSD & Emotional 1st AID.

I talk about my experience as a medic in Afghanistan, my story how NLP, Hypnosis and other techniques offer hope and release of anxiety and PTSD. My Adventures in New York and what Hypnosis adventures I’ve been on.

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