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-Innovate Wellness- Beyond The Mental Health Paradigm

I have been advocating for this type of review of a person for such a long time.

Seeing this type of measure be pushed forward is very promising for the future of how society considers people with depression.

Take a look at the link.

Lucy Johnstons work is so needed right now.

The what is happening/ what happened to you diagnostic in mental health.

This is very important and seems so obvious, until the organisations that define how clinicians observe, diagnose and support individuals look beyond a book that only lists problems and has not one documented solution.

It was originally published so clinicians could find the right code to invoice against.

Just let that sit with you …

And this text grew explonationlly as the field of psychology and psychological medicine found conditions to prescribe to.

Now I am only talking about Depression and Anxiety here.

There are many conditions that require our excellent medical practitioners and their body of knowledge, understanding and experience. I will never dispute that.

From the perspective that I see from taking with individuals most days …

When the methods applied do not improve their life. More information is required.

I find it’s common practice for people to believe they have a chemical imbalance,

The individuals are left with the thinking that the problem is in them or their head and mostly the brain.

Most of the leading researchers and scientists dispute this. Thank goodness.

I could break it down more.

I am just one person and not a leading authority. It far easier for an expert that presents experts to do that …

Instead of me.

Check out Johann Hari Lost Connections Book.

He traveled the world talking with leading researchers and scientists and compiled it into a fantastic book about Depression

(I will put links to books and talks in Because I’m nice like that.

What is often not considered

Is the experiences people are going or have gone through.

It leaves little room for wellness change.

This article really explains what I am talking about.

It’s imperative we start to look at the whole story of the person.

If you are curious about other ways we can begin to look at and overcome depression and anxiety why anyone should consider what has gone before and what is happening now.

Find someone who will help you understand how to understand more about those things .

Change is coming xxxx

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