Check Your People – Eyes On Minds Hands On Hearts

As our Heroes and Sheros take on the mamoth task of caring for our sick and injuried are we looking out for them?

These are 10 signs That I Had PTSD From Work Based Exposure To My MEDICAL Job

• I had unexplainable levels of Anxiety

• I became hyper vigilant

• I could no longer watch the news

• I became withdrawn

• I would would have flash back dreams that felt like I lived them

• I stopped doing the things I loved

• I would cry easily for me

• Normal tasks for me became overwhelming

• I would avoid situations that made me uneasy

• I became distant from family and friends.

It’s a common misconception that PTSD only is experinced by people in certain situations.

It can happen to anyone and is very much a part of the HUMAN condition.

It is about a person experiencing something traumatic for them.

What might be difficult to handle for one person. Might not even scratch the SURFACE for another.

The circumstances of normal may change a situation that they normally can experience becomes one they no longer have resilience to handle.

Fatigue, stress, pressure can all contribute.

If you know someone that is under significant pressure and may be exposed to situations that are normal.

However the tempo is high or the situational demands have now changed significantly.

Check in..

Operators, NHS Workers, Nurses, Drs ODPs, paramedics, Police all say …

“I’m ok, I’m just doing my job, everyone is having a hard time, someone is having a worse day than me”..

It doesn’t exclude the fact that emotionally something could have happened.

The entire team that LISTENED to and triaged a major plane crash incident in the UK ..

All experienced PTSD … these where the EXPERTS on the subject …

It was their FAMILY members who NOTICED, the short fuses,.the withdrawal, fatigue and avoidance..

It was only on re-inspection the WHOLE team realised they the triage team required Triage from all they had heard ..

It was their job to LISTEN and then FLAG post people for further assistance, they also needed to be listened to after.

If the best in the buisness can as an entire team miss that they where experincing PTSD

How much vigilance do YOU think we need to take care of our PEOPLE in a national crisis.

Mental Health Difficulties LEAVE clues…

Look out for your people

…Dish out the emotional 1st Aid

  • Ask How are you feeling After …’insert situation’
  • Get The Mood Meter App
  • Leave Messages Of Support

I know its challenging out there right now


We CARE about YOU …

Make sure you Talk to SOMEONE if you are just not feeling yourself ..

The good news is intervention HELPS and is very effective.

If you have someone who is Trim Trained talk to them.

Reach out to your mental health support team.

Or tell someone ANYONE

Even if its ‘I’m having weird dreams and can’t sleep’

It’s not a sickness and what you are expressing can be changed with help.

Speed matters

Let’s start healing minds and helping hearts through 2021..

Amanda xxx

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