It’s Been A Remarkable Week.

It’s been a remarkable week.

I know parents up and down the country have had to dig into the sort of reserves that have us questioning what bringing children up is all about.

This time in our history has us looking at each other in ways we never ever could have imagined. 

Polarised views about health, protection and how the leadership of our lifes is conducted.

Even the resources of time have felt the very real and external pressure that comes from outside. 

And what I have witnessed in abundance is the remarkable emotional resilience and flexibility that we all have. Our capability to THRIVE.

A day or twos adjustment to the changes and lifes conditions seem less of an uphill struggle.

I find myself feeling proud of my colleagues of old who tell me they are taking extra shifts in ITUs around the country when ever they can. I am so so fiercely proud of every single one of them. 

I find myself reveling in how single parents are managing their children in creative ways and being brave enough to express their vulnerabilities and reach out when they can.

I see so many of us making honey from our darkness.  I take a breath in the humanity I see beaming out from the humans I love.

I speak with friends who are experincing covid and I offer them a warm and comforting place to put their fears.

Even from this distance place over messenger I do my best to be the friend I always needed when I was scared. 

I find comfort in the way we are all taking care of one another.  

I find myself retreating less into myself and looking upto the setting suns that create incredible palettes across the sky in January.

Even with the most obsence amount of chaos and change I am finding myself anchoring to the earthy things I know are stable in life. 


I feel a sense of calm deep within me. Somehow knowing it’s going to be ok.

Only time can tell, but as always I see remarkable humaness out beyond the edges of myself and I am grateful for the smiley eyes behind masks.

Amanda x

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