There Is A Story Everywhere If You Are Willing To Explore What It Means To You.


We are in Teir 4 and for us that means as a family we are only allowed to move within a particular region. To minimise the spread of covid.

We went on what would be one of our usual stomps with our children.

The river unusually,caught my attention.

In this circumstances it was its beauty. The ice created a layer to it that demanded my attention.

Water predominantly represents our emotions in metaphor or take it a layer deeper and the distinction between the physical and not physical that we experience.

Gone in deep all ready! A frozen river is not only dramatically beautiful but its representative of what we can see on the surface and what is hidden beneath.

I could go on but for me today it was time out and away from the stories and inner workings of peoples subconscious minds.

That really is where I get to flow and experince my spark as I help entreperate what is hidden beneath a very real layer of ice for some people.

Today however was about being present and very much in my bones in the physical reality and realm I exsist in.

Saskia and I spoke today about how we are noticing how beautiful where we live is.

It sounds kinda strange even staying that out loud. That the expectation is I need to go to the hills or moors or Moutains to experience beauty.

Yet on my own door step there are breath taking natural wonders if I stop and look…Ice and jack frost rolls in magic as quick as a Disney film and it transforms locations that I expect to look mundane and uninspiring.

I see the importance in that, the days are ever changing and if just for a split second I take a moment to look I might be reminded of what it means to be alive.

The cold finger tips, the way a wooly hat feels like a a hug for my ears. The smell of the cold on someone that’s just come indoors.

The discomfort of the cold is comforting against the uncertainty of life right now. It has a presenting ability to it that holds me within my senses.

Fully able to remain within the moment.

Interestingly I dont recall anything that can do that to me with such effectiveness.

I have never been a fan of the cold I have a particular block around my fear of getting cold. My feet and hands have had me crying like a three year old without her favourite toy when the heat pains kick in.

And then the flip I love winter sunsets, being handed a hot drink straight of the jet boil. And the feeling of accomplishment for earning the rosie cheeks.

Getting outside it’s good for my soul its healing and powerful. It calms the dragon in me and takes my mind right into my body.

Sometimes I forget that it’s simple that wins the day.

As much as I feel the frustration of remaining g in on region, like a teenager who has been grounded and told to remain in my room.

I am only a prisoner to my own thoughts if I do not allow myself the freedoms of knowing, I create my reality and how I feel about it.

Stay high

Amanda x

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