2020 Christmas Sundown

The Road Ahead

Christmas 2020 Sundown

Less of a looking up and more of a looking ahead.

But what a gift I was given as the sun began to kiss the horizon on this Christmas evening.

Colours like I’ve never seen painted across the sky. I have always found peace in looking to the sky.

A gift from the universe for me.

This really has been a year of digging deep, heartbreak for humanity and moving through the overwhelm of the ever changing world I see before me.

Huge questions of myself and how does someone like me with my very unique gifts offer something in these ever changing times that enables hope optimism or the promise of feeling diffrent.

I have watched my children thrive become more resilient and adapt to a world so diffrent for them to all they knew before.

We started this year under a huge moon in Finland. I am so greatful  we made the trip to that wonderland. Even with resistance from outside and missing school that adventure created memories for our family we will cherish, it really Marks the before era for me. And will be treasured in my heart.

I’m reflective on what I have what I’ve lost and what I’ve come to learn …

For years I hid behind busy… 2020 was a year where I had no choice but to still, with distractions reduced I found my self looking into the shadows of my past.

And much like the Muppets Christmas Carol… I came out singing and hoping for a dance with Gonzo and Ramone the rat … It wasnt always fun in fact sometimes it hurt in ways I hadn’t let myself experience for years if ever.

But I had time … and so each day I would be on the lookout for a sunset.

My thoughts now go to the blanket of the night sky that covers us all on this Christmas night. We are all under it together. And together we’ll come out into daybreak.

The longest part of the night is just before first light.

Sending love, Christmas blessings warmth and the hugs that warm you from your toes to your ears.

If you read to here ..I love you for being here with my words they always come from my heart.

Stay connected, make th call, send the text, we are all in this together.

I  care about you, the people you love the ambitions, hopes and dreams you have.

Amanda x.

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