Being Human

We all deal with things differently, I never ever used to cry.

I would fight with all my might almost to the point that I would shake to avoid what I thought was weakness.

That was a much younger mindset as a teen and in my early to mid twenties I just would not give myself permission to shed tears.

Over the years I’ve learnt not to resist how my body and mind are requesting I deal with what I had just experienced.

Years in Trauma theatres and deployments to sandy places required a new way.

I hadn’t cultivated a mature way to cope with the extremes of humanity I observed.

It took for me to get personal with my emotions, to literally begin naming them and recognising the bodily feelings that accompanied them.

Writing played an enormous part, as the depths to which I was feeling would pour out of the pen in ink, to my surprise!!

Healing and then going on to helping others …

It for me is about having a relationship with all parts of myself.

No emotion is any less valuable than another. They all play parts in our very human experince.

Sometimes its tears that need to fall.

Sometimes it’s just how we all move past what came before.

Amanda x

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