How To Get A Job Street Kid Style …

How to get a job street kid style..

Basic Breakthrough Turbo Skills

Do you have somewhere you really really want to work somewhere you want to connect with to be associated with?

The First Job I ever had pretty much saved my life. I’m not joking when I say that. I had one GCSE I had just gone into foster care and my options where seriously narrow.

Part of my college course involved work experience and I had wangled my way into the sports development offices for Kensington and Chelsea..

They had an office in a building with a wonderful charity the Canalside Activity Trust.

Everyday I would watch the lads taking children out on the water or spend the day trampolining.

I was at a desk doing zip to do with sport chasing options for the London Youth Games, licking envelopes. Actual soul destroying mind numbing awfulness.

One day I walked across the corridor with cup of tea for the manager

Errr hi I’m Amanda.


How do I get to do what they do?

I was pretty ballsy and just asked.

Its simple volunteer see if you like it

Give us some hours and we’ll pay for your training!

Ding ding ding……

Within six months I was qualified and had a solid offer of a job.

This is how much I needed help the assistant manager walked me down to the local bank so I could open an account.

I didn’t have one! And to be paid I needed one.

Over the time I was there I would get qualifications, take inner city children on experience holidays to the coast, kayak big whitewater.

Be supported all the way through every GCSE I needed. Be given the responsibility of managing 100’s of children on the water.

I would get sponsored and end up competing in my kayak most weekends. Money and equipment was actually being given to me. I would work with the charity on and off for 5 years.

It gave me access to the outdoors and more importantly my own income and that gave me freedom.

It was a family and the stability I had craved so much, more than just a job.

Canalside really did go miles to build a place where so many of us learnt to feel so much more than where we had come from.

We worked damn hard it never ever felt like that.

I was willing to take a risk and give up a bit of my time. I was rewarded in ways that transformed my life, options and possibilities.

So how to ask the question?

If you have to get through gate guardians and I’ve pulled this off for landing a few invisible jobs when the stakes where high.

I needed to talk directly to the person that really could make a decision and change my life.

This was how I approached it.

Track Them Down !!!

Who is it I need to ask, how can I do something for you?

In the above case it was easy I knew exactly who to approach and I also knew they drank tea in bucket loads.

In other cases I’ve taken to the internet and trawled, until I had a name and phone number as well as all the details about the organisation. This could take a few days.

I start by sending a hand written letter

And somethings pertinent they might need.

Tea has never let me down !

I also say I’m going to call the following week at a specific time and it would be great if they could let me know if that’s inconvenient.

I ring when I said I would and inform the gate guardian that it’s pre organised.

Turbo cocky it always works.

At this point I normally end up talking with exactly the person I need to.

Instead of bombarding them with the super show that is Me … Fake it till you make it right!

I say would it be ok if I send you a letter about me and why I would love to do something anything for you and your organisation.

At this point because I did my research so would drop my specific reasons for loving said company or org.





Then I send in the good stuff

A parcel with a book, something I think is amazing want to go extra level tag a couple of chapters and express why you think they are useful.

And I pop a hand written letter about me in. I would ask can I be considered for a position any position even if I have to work for free.

And I call back make sure they got my parcel.

You can use this very same approach for networking or getting to talk to someone who seems so distant and unreachable.

Because of all of the above I have managed to have a direct conversation with my absolute sporting idle. And this woman is not someone you can easily get a chat with.

I have always got exactly where I planned to be. It took work.

It rewarded me in ways I still can’t believe.

I spent two months at the heart of the London Olympic Games. I sent a letter myself instead of waiting for no one to nominate me.

I was seriously rewarded with the crown jewel of positions and access to track side action that would have cost thousands. More importantly I was part of the biggest show on the planet working along side the producers and teams involved in the medals ceremonies.

So when you might think I can’t or the stakes seem high.

Just think what’s possible if you try.


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