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I’ve been thinking ‘ruminating’ on this for a bit.

I spent an outrageous amount of my life trying to fit in places I absolutely didn’t.

A need for acceptance buried inside of needing to feel safe. If I was a good little rule follower I would be useful that way I was kept around.

Except that was never ever me, too curious too inquisitive, always on the hunt for better ways to experience life.

That literally pours out of me on a daily basis.

I see every interaction with another person as a gift.

They can’t always be good ones, always lessons to be gained though!

And if I’m lucky enough I will always always learn something about the amazing humans

that grace my world even for a second.

It’s why I have read a ton of books since the year began on healing, higher states, breath work, hypnotherapy and human behaviour sciences.

I care so much about what I do, I put in hundreds of hours behind the scenes.

Some might say I’m obsessed some might say I’m boring.

I’ll say I care and my kind of caring means making a massive dent in depression, PTSD, anxiety physical and emotional trauma.

How I do that, I get you to see your experience differently even for one second..

Any damn way those experiences made a way into your world or someone’s world you care about I’m all about bringing in different.

And different is what is needed ..

With out the renegades, without the rule breakers without the movers and shakers

What remains is a broken system that isn’t changing lifes worse still it’s not saving them.

Seriously I’m yet to meet anyone on anti depressants that said yeah total Epiphany felt the best in my life these have changed my life for good.

No judgement if that’s the path you find yourself on. I’m just wondering when the medical model is going to recognise the human on the other side of those tablets.

That’s why I read until my eyes hurt.

My pursuit of not following rules has led me to approach how I really believe life changing impactful work should look.

The absolutely inspiring and jaw droopingly amazing bit others take up the mantle and start to put their own brand of life for filling purposeful work out in the world too.

Teens making such vast turn arounds they start seeing how being educated can put them in a place where they can make a difference.

Individuals creating vlogs, sharing inspiring connection. Humour being poured out into the world. Women seeing their own way to create and drive powerful difference to the core of female problems.

And the super supers the people in the world who go way beyond and are trying to protect millions of people. With dedication and purpose literally working around the clock to help our country navigate some turbulent times ahead.

I am so so lucky I have been able to meet talk to learn and grow with these pros each breaking ground for others.

Every now and then I do have a wobble, how can I keep pushing on? What I do looks like nothing else out there, it’s not mainstream and sits so far away from what someone would recognise as therapy or help.

I like that about it, I didn’t want therapy or help I wanted and needed a buddy a someone who said I got your six now let’s get this fucking done. Here is something different I’ll show you and see just what you can do.

And Do I Did.

So the wobble comes and then I remember why I can handle the discomfort of pushing to the edges of being different.

I care and I want to see a better world.

I love to hear a story a life story gore and all

Why because I hear about the person in front of me and just for a second someone sees you.

There is nothing worse than becoming invisible as a human.

Transparent, lifeless and a whisp of what you once where. The faded … I see them and then I see the struggle to be seen as whole.

We all need recognition love and someone to believe in us. Someone who is so damn confident you can change there is no where else to look. What you will find on the inside is belief.

Life can and will be different.

My fave chats always include the craziest idea the one you had that you said no way.

I flipping love those I went to Uni with the amazing guy that designed the collapsible bottle!!! #vision

I dive so deep in the crazy, I’ll take a swim in the gaga nutjob ideas; because without fail there is gold in those.

Enough crazy always brings out creative GOLD.

I was gifted my inner strength my ability to love life to be one gritty, resilient smiling force of nature.

Confidence … I’m where chuck Norris comes to get his 💥

And just when I am unsure about not taking the leap, not contributing, not aiming for change

I remember I was given a phenomenal heart and courage to look at what I’m afraid of.

To look and say ahhhh it’s not so bad

I can go forwards and if you’re willing I’ll take you with me


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