Flipping Tyres Vs Mental Health

My body has hundred and hundreds of hours of physical training absorbed into it. I was once the sporty one a serious athlete.

Its not the physical machine it once was. It’s taken me a long time to come back round to even being able to put sports kit on.

Those clothes always used to be where I felt at home. The technical fabrics the grippy clothes. But I changed and I couldn’t face to even look at myself in them.

My love for training it never went it just moved to the side. That did give me space and room to continue and develop my love of human movement and functional anatomy and later human behaviour and neurolgy. All that space to fill I learnt about therapeutic hypnotherapy.

I’ve been able to develop my skill base and become the type of pioneer that could challenge and will go on to change the landscape of how we heal from emotional and physical trauma and injuries. Building practices that reconnect beautiful humans back to their glorious minds and bodies, able to access resilience and fortitude form their deepest inner resources.

Not having access to my physical identity meant I had to go on deeper journey to discover and uncover way more about myself and my potential.

What I realise now is that the way I sort to exercise was chasing and elixir a flow state. The runners high, the adrenalin kick.

The feeling of effortless strength and movement. It used to be easy in my body of old to get that.

Now I’ve gotten past looking at myself and feeling deeply ashamed of how far I’ve let myself fall back.

I can look at exercise again and training and just do it to feel good to improve my health and mental wellbeing. The strength I would feel coursing through my body it will be back.

I don’t use it to escape anymore that was my other vice.

I knew that It had become unhealthy but a better alternative than being medicated to manage the mood states I was locked in. I was proud of that. I see now the plaster had to come off.

I had to treat the cause of needing to exercise to escape in the first place.

Finding Yoga has changed things up enormously I can recover in ways I had no appreciation for. My mobility improves session on session. A the whole body practice is slowly and gently teaching me to give space to my mind and reconnect to my breathing.

It’s enriched my life and other ways of exercising ten fold Tom Slade and Georgie Kirwan-Ferreira thanks for the push and encouragement 😘

Solo sessions seem to be the order of the day. I very much still love a hard session that tests every muscle fibre in my body.

I’m no longer doing it to escape my mind or my histories. I’m doing it to lay down habits and muscle that will pave the way to longevity in my future. To feel amazing and value this incredible body I’ve been gifted.

Its given me an opportunity to build and unleash the other muscle in my body I was very much denying. #superbrain So as I fell backwards in one way, another part of me surged forward to take centre stage. Once I hit equilibrium between these two side of me I know I’m going to be unstoppable and pumping life changing work out into the world.

So here I am a rare picture of me for sure. Seriously happy after a solid workout. Building the foundations back up with more tyre flipping in the future to come for sure.

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