We All Have It In Us

Oldie but a gooden … I wrote this a year ago a friend and inspiration was awesome enough to remind me yesterday.

It’s rehashed a touch so you can see how a tiny bit of information drove me to attempt life enhancing work for me and others.

The outcomes where wonderful laughter and tear filled. Worth every single moment I spent worrying about things that would never come to pass.

A year ago today ….

I loved finding this out today.

Linda Grayham The Author of Bouncing Back : Rewiring Your Brain For Maximum Resilience And Well-Being was talking about gratitude and improving resilience.

“There’s a lot of research being done on kindness, compassion, primaraly of studying what happens in our brain and nervous system when we act with kindness and generosity and compassion.

Which really shifts that kind of paradigm of thinking that wellbeing comes from doing something that’s good for me, into wellbeing comes from doing something good for others”.

Just wow👆

Richie Davidson has done so much research at the University of Madison, Wisconsin. He’s demonstrating that mindfulness and compassion are two of the most powerful agents of brain change known to science.

🚀 actual rocket fuel ⛽️

The behavioral sciences are now discovering that when we can behave in an altruistic way, in a generosity producing way, that we get more benefit from doing that than when we’re doing something for ourselves.

From my standpoint the benefit in discovering this was huge. I knew that I wanted to work and create an environment of doing more for others.

That sometimes the work I did shouldn’t receive money but should be about enriching other people’s lives in a heartist and rehumanising way.

Connecting with the simplest of human emotional needs to flood someone’s life with light and laughter even for just 30 minutes.

This is what I picked up, it really drove me to do more for others with some of my time last year.

It turned into one of the most animated and for filling endeavours I’ve ever done. 1000s of people benefited and all I did was as make myself available to listen engage and be a friend.

All it cost me was time and in return I grew in ways I’m still coming to understand.

You don’t have to go and volunteer or do anything extraordinary…

Wellbeing is turbo charged when it becomes less about you and more about others.

You will move with a different energy and flow.

How do you do it?

Acts of kindness.


Listen deeply

Send a card for no reason to a friend

Write a letter just because

Give someone a hug

Do something for someone else

I have a friend who writes letters just because,

Now it brings me serious joy to receive one of those always.

That might not change the world but maybe I will. So feeling good because someone took the time to tell me about their adventures on a bit of paper might make all the difference to how I think or feel that day.

It doesn’t need to be extraordinary, magic happens in the ordinary.

We all have it in us xxxx

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