Teens Breakthrough Too

I sit in front of you with your I don’t knows and wonder?

When did class rooms becomes places of fear, and faces like thunder.

Hiding behind bad behaviour and sneers.

Because ultimately that will cover the tears.

You can’t see how incredible you are.

The flashes of creativity the kindness it’s there. The wonderful little boy sat on a chair. You can learn believe me it all there inside you.

You’re virbrant and worthy as good as the rest, don’t let school take away your best.

Learning to live it’s a skill you see. Things they don’t teach, are the things that set you free.

You’re not a bad kid don’t believe what they say.

You could hear it another way.

Like me, I think they see all you could do.

I hope you understand you are incredible too.

Some don’t listen don’t hear what you have to say.

The anger you had, it’s gone it really it won’t stay.

You’ve all ready saved a life now that’s a serious score.

A tick on the life card. An A star star for sure.

Keep going, keep knowing your amazing, I see.

Success and living, it’s about so much more.

Make the next 12 months count you’ll be proud of yourself for sure.

Once a boy sat before me,

Now a young man I see.

Keep learning keep growing set yourself free.


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