Breakthrough Project Vs Fibromyalgia

Living The Dream Ella Climbing Volcanoes In Bali To Watch the Sunrise
Breakthrough Project Vs Fibromyalgia
“To live doesn’t mean you’re alive
How one girl found her way back from the brink.
I often find myself duelling with so many different conditions in the breakthrough hub. Each condition tunnelling into the deepest most secret parts of the amazing, inspiring, incredible, humans I have the privilege of working with. Conditions robbing them of their hopes, dreams, ambition and potential .
This is where I come in, I don’t think like anyone else; or do things like anyone else for that matter. I’m in the very serious business of putting the lightning back in your soul. My job, to make sure you are lit up so brightly you can step out into the world with yourself belief burning like an inferno in your heart.
My goal to help restore and unleash an unstoppable glowing ever growing belief a in your own beautiful mind and body.
For you to experience a confidence so deep, you are connected to the magnificent body you live and experience this life in.
My job to decipher whats in the way emotionally and physically. I never doubt that your amazing mind is working exactly as it should in relation to the given moment that it is perceiving.
Life is about perception, our bodies are the radar we use to create the fabric of our experience.The same bodies have the potential to produce deep pain and fatigue.
Yet we are given opportunities to feel the most luminous, exquisite, extraordinary, all consuming, incredible feelings.
We have minds that in a moment can record and replay every euphoric moment we will live and breathe. The moments that make you feel like your flying with the stars.
Singular visceral experiences like sunsets that warm your skin and permeate every fibre of your being.
Your body has the capability to let you feel every single sensation recoding each delicious moment just for you. Those simple yet beautiful experiences only you know have the potential to connect you to a place of feeling alive.
Its my job to consider what the body is saying, it never lies. What the body is saying and what you are saying, can be two very different stories. Its my job to listen and decipher what I’m being told.
Twelve weeks ago a girl approached me. This magnificent little star had been out in the world living her dream as one of the best tour reps in the world. Out of no where she became absorbed with fatigue and pain.
By time she found breakthrough her days where spent in bed or at home isolated a year of her life had passed her by.
The diagnosis Fibromyalgia. Now I don’t aways hang my hat on a label. I like facts, histories and stories…the body keeps the score.
I want to know what happened to you? I mean what really happened….
Why is your body and mind telling us this story now…
What do your scars have to say, especially the invisible unseen ones?
What can we do about it together?
The stories began to emerge the bread crumbs of each systems experience leading us closer to a possible cause.
And buried deep was an experience that stripped this bright, vibrant, spectacular star of nearlyall of her light.
At each physical level it was so destructive, an emotional apocalypse below the surface. Any human would have been left reeling from the loss, grief, deconstruction of trust, love and security.
I knew as soon as I heard it I was looking at a situation that had locked this star into a very dark space.
We discussed what we would need to do, how to approach each element in her mind in order to free her. To carefully allow her to reemerge back into the world. Navigating each catastrophic moment that had driven her emotions so deeply underground they where now raging a war within her body in a fight to be felt.
We took it apart together, using her magnificent mind and imagination to create worlds where things not only felt different, but where we crushed and slayed every demonic moment taking hold within her spectacular world.
We created alternate endings walked though time and space, visited the happiest and most euphoric memories.
Each session we saw physical improvement and the experiences that had held her emotions hostage where now nothing more than dust that could be blown away on a summers breeze.
With in weeks she had gone from and exhausted shadow, to the bright, vibrant, colourful, inspiring light I knew she was.
The condition, the label its gone …And I’m going to say for good.
Some humans in this world they feel in the most deep profound ways, super empaths. They can hurt deeply especially if they are unaware of just how receptive they are. The good news, these individuals are always given the most extraordinary minds to cope.
They don’t always know how to access of utilise these incredible gifts. Thats where I come in. I’ve seen imagination move these super empaths to such deep rich tangible worlds their bodies can do nothing but surrender and go along for the ride.
For a short while I get to helm the magic starlight mind ship to where it needs to go.
Together we emerge from the dark.
And now I get to watch for this little star to soar across the sky and illuminate her dreams.
Go Ella go…I can’t wait to watch what you will do.
Change happens breakthrough.
Amanda x
If you want to find out more PM me or email

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