When Manifesting Saves Your Life …

When Manifesting saves your life ..

…I was a seriously poor kayak racer age 17 and living in an inner city west London estate ..

I had been using a £100 pound old boat to race and train. I had to bail it out after each training session or racing run. No amount of black nasty ‘gafa tape’ was sorting that.

Some how I landed £1000 for a boat! It just happened!!! A trust fund had received a request from someone and sent me money!

I had just been saying to myself for months ‘I need a boat that doesn’t leak that I don’t have to patch with duck tape’.

I truly couldn’t have truly known why!

Money for me to get what I needed arrived out if what felt like no where!

I have a habit of naming things and although it wasn’t a yacht.. I felt my very own brand new boat needed a name …

I was going up a division bigger water bigger challenges …I needed a boat with a name that would carry me in thumping powerful conditions. That would put me closer to my church and connect me was what made me feel alive.

My chariot my racing companion was named Gabriel.

The first outing I ended up going to the rescue of someone on a Thames weir in high flood …

The water was pounding pumping with all the violent force you would expect..

I had gone there deliberately to train a stupid and reckless thing to choose to do.

Confidence of youth I suppose.

It had been phenomenal..

Even now the thought of the force, power and danger excites me..

I can feel all the fibres in my body heightening, a vibrational energy that makes the world seem sharper, colours brighter and experiences richer.

The surges of adrenaline that connect you to every breath, heart beat and moment…

Transferring power and energy like that through your body feels like you’re ridding lightning.

On a day like that you don’t come out of your boat, you just don’t. It happened

One of the paddlers lost it, hit by a wave. I paddled to him, scooped him up and headed for the bank.. Standard stuff…

But that day thousands of pounds of cubic force was pumping and thundering around us.

He wouldn’t let go of his boat.. I knew I wasn’t strong enough to tow him plus his water logged boat in those insane conditions. I was shouting “you have to let go of the boat”.

He was refusing eyes wide at me ..

I was in a battle against the monstrous current everything happening a million times faster … I knew there was risk down stream…. I had time…. I didn’t have time…

.. Wham

I was pinned up against a wooden pontoon my head inline with the top..

We had been moving so fast….much faster than usual, normally it would take ages to get to them.

We were in Red Hot DANGER zone.

Getting swept under would be a likely drowning in these conditions.

Some of the lads ran from the bank leapt across and dragged Dave out.

He stood on my deck as he was pulled out to saftey.. I heard the crunch it was my boat.

Instinctively I looked to my upstream edge. A near fatal mistake. A spilt second that nearly cost me big.

I looked to see where the damage was and flipped into the water my boat was being buffereted and bashed against the wooden posts with me still in it upside down.

I was about to be swept under an object in flood conditions no air, dark and no possibility of escape I had hundredths of a second to get this right..

This was a moment where one single action would mean life or death.

Choose wrong I drown.

My boat holding on ..not bending and folding … Gabriel was holding I could hear the cracking and banging of the carbon against the pontoon,a miracle he hadn’t broken under the force pressing around us.

To this day I don’t know how I broke the seal so quick.

I was known for rolling I never swam so my deck was tight .. I didn’t want it to pop in a race ..

It was normally a fight to get it off.

My hand located the handle effortlessly in the dark frothy water. It exploded open the force so strong it had felt like I had help.

The surface blocked I knew a had mere seconds ..I had to reach for the edge and fast I could feel the drag the force pushing against me.

My hand reaching up and grabbing the edge.

My boat disappeared under the pontoon ripping past my body as it proceeded to get smashed around and pinned in the dark gloomy black water.

That could have been me.

Charlie had hold the second my hand appeared ..I felt the safe warm grip both hands wrapped around mine.

Make it .. I heard …not today..

I pushed my other hand forward

….Reach …

Charlie pulled I broke the surface

Free of the wooden obstruction.

Charlie helped me climb to safety ..

I could hear the thumping of my boat underneath. My heart jumping with every crack and thud… it could have been me.

I fished Gabriel out.

Just one puncher hole..

Easily fixed I thought.

Had I of been in my old boat the force would have broken it.

I would have been trapped ..

I knew this with every fibre in my body..

This boat had given me time.

It had saved my life.

I would have never reached Charlie’s hand had I of been in the other one.

We never know how things are going to work out don’t give up on the day dream, you never know where that angel is going to show up.



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