When Grief Hits You Like A Slegde Hammer In The Heart

Somedays I forget I am the the wealthiest person alive. I have love and I am loved. I can feel joy and happiness any moment I choose.

My time is mine and I use it how I please. I have food, and a roof over my head. My health is good. My family is with me. They are showered in love and their health is good. 

Days like today I want to just curl up and cry, I have no tears left. The unfairness of it all. Takes my breath away. The frustration and whys flowing think and fast. 

 I think about a friend taken by a condition in her prime. Today life makes no sense.

Today I recognise what it is to be alive. That pain is a clear marker that I am very much here. 

My eyes are set on the horizon. I must embrace every moment I have. Time is the most expensive commodity I have. I can never buy it back once it is gone. 
Today I am reminded that I must with all my heart live a whole life. I must pack as much love, hope, positivity, inspiration and connection into it as I can. 

I must embrace being alive and choose the path that connects me to feeling that way everyday.

Somedays carry pain I don’t want to bair. The truth of it is because I have allowed myself to love and when we loose it hurts.

But it’s worth it… Every tear, every heart stopping moment it’s worth it. 

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