FIND THE LITTLE vICTORIESThe warrior in you will not stand down. Every day you rise, rise into another apocalyptic day. Your heart aches each beat more painful than the last.

Your body heavy with the invisible load crushing you from the shoulders down. Your body crumpling under the burden. Standing up takes every drop of strength you can muster.

You move slow under the weight of it all. I see all you are doing dear friend. I see how each day you sacrifice your body to hold everyone together. I see how your mind never rests. How its easier for it to be empty.

Where there once was magic now only the nothing. The load is a little lighter with the nothing. Its Always there in the room , consuming, devouring you.

And yet you fight. The warrior in you will not rest. One foot in front of the other moving your self to the next sunset. A voice in side of you its getting quieter …

You can still hear it “Keep going’. Its all but a whisper. “We will get through this”. You reach for the coat tails of life. Clawing on to any small victory.

You have a heroes heart …Its beating hard for you . You are precious you matter.

You get up..

You make those beds.

You get dressed.

You keep everyone moving.

You hunt out those little victories as they add up, you see success in your day.

You can get everyone through this.

You are the life guard you are the guardian the protector the nurturer, the unstoppable wave of hope… Yes you.. Nothing is going to stop you. You find the little victories.

The darkness is so close…find the little victories each has light in them. I promise. The tiniest bit of light. The more you collect the more light you can carry….Push that darkness away…fight that Spector…It doesn’t get to take anymore from you.

You are a warrior.

You have enough light in you to hang on. Root your self to those little victories ….


Those little victories will carry  your  tired soul to the sunset and drive you into the next day and the next.

Stand strong my beautiful friend you have got this.

Change is coming, find the little victories.

You are a warrior.

Make a charge for the light.

Hold on x

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