The Boat And The Breeze


The Boat and the Breeze

The night closed in. Heavy dark clouds cloaking the stars. A little boat was trying to cross a choppy sea. Being buffeted from left and right. Its tiny wooded heart beating so fast she thought it would splinter.

The little boat was so afraid and all alone.

The little boat couldn’t find her heading, tiered and confused.

The force of the ocean pounding down on her deck, she thought she would break.

Her compass was spinning …She didn’t know which way was up down right or left. The little boat lost at sea. She tried to raise her sails. Each time losing faith in her self as they became less and less effective.

The little boat was bailing out water every minute.

How long could she keep it up. How long could she stay afloat.

The little boat panicking the heading wasn’t clear …

The little boat knew her tiny wooden heart had a big part in her direction. If only she could align it with her compass.

She felt so alone, her tiny hull shivering against the cold water.

Rudderless out at sea with no true direction.

The little boat would not last long. She knew it.

The little boat toiled away under the dark night sky. Yawing from side to side fighting for every meter she gained.

The little boat thought how can a tiny boat cross an ocean.

I need direction, I’m losing hope. I don’t understand how I fit in this overwhelming sea.

The little boats heart was splintering ….No she pleaded with herself, don’t I will have a hole. I will sink!

The little boat was about to take her sails down when she felt it. A gentle breeze began to lift her. She felt it all around her.

The breeze spoke “the universe has you.”

“Trust the momentum, embrace the challenges look how far you have come.”

The little boat felt the breeze it was warm against the dark night. It felt safe but still the little boat resisted.

The little boat spoke as she pulled her sails in tight. “What if I go the wrong way?’

The gentle breeze shifted again. It whispered to the little boat “let your compass settle, let go. Your course will appear.”

The little boat thought for a moment and with all the momentum she could muster let out her beautiful sail. It was as bright as the moon now glistening in the clear night sky.

I have the wind in my sails the little boat thought.

The little boat spoke to the breeze. “I am scared, these big waves keep coming.” The little boat didn’t like to admit she felt scared.

The breeze could feel the little boat was unsure ‘I will keep you true, I will right you in a storm. I will fill your sails. I will help you cross the ocean.

The little boat was no longer fighting the waves. The little boat was making headway as the breeze danced around her.

The little boat began to notice the stars, the moon, its beautiful she said to the breeze.

The breeze asked have you noticed you reflection at last? ….

the little boat staled, “how”?

“The beauty you see in the world is a mirror of all you have inside you” The breeze still dancing inside of every word.

The little boat could not understand …they moved slowly under the night sky. “I am tiered, I have not slept” the little boat said.

“Have the sleep you need” …Your heading will be true when you wake up the breeze responded.

The little boat heard one word, dancing like silk on the wind as she drifted off to sleep.


The little boat woke to see the night sky stretching out ahead. She could not feel the breeze.

The little boat thought of the rough sea she had crossed. She was now some where different. I had been brave. She thought to herself.

The little boat allowed her self to stop.

Trust she thought.

The breeze was no where to be felt. The little boat now able to take in the view…wondered what she could do until the breeze returned.

I will clear deck, she began tiding her lines and making sure her sails where in good order. I have time whilst I’m here. She thought. I will charge my batteries. I can use my radio to tell the world I’m out in the big ocean.

The little boat looked to the horizon. A new set of stars had appeared. They where shining brightly, precious jewels in the sky.

The little boat was transfixed. I am somewhere different I must have travelled thousands of miles. I am in a different ocean. The stars shone brighter for the little boat.

These are my friends the little boat thought. These new stars will help me set my heading!

I can follow them.

The little boats wooden heart filled with joy and love. She wasn’t alone lost at sea. She could find her way.

The little boat looked on as the stars the sparkled back.

The little boat missed the breeze. Where could the breeze have danced off to. You can go anywhere when you are a breeze. The little boat thought. How wonderful it must be.

The little boat felt a change the energy coursing thought out the water. The little boat could sea a huge wave building being her.

Oh no this will capsize me its to big, its to powerful. I will fail. She began to think.

The Ocean spoke for the first time. To the little boat.

” Intention is everything.”

The little boat had to act fast, the wave was coming …

How will I set my heading.. The little boat pushed with all her might. she had not realised her anchor had been dragging in the water it slopped over board unshackling from the little boat …

She was set free..

The momentum began to build the little boat could finally surf the big waves.

The little boat having fun playing on the glistening surface. Carving and dancing on the wave..

The little boat longed for the breeze to come and dance too.

The little boats heart was splintering what can I do she thought.

The ocean began to speak.

” The breeze will change, she is evolving each time becoming something more spectacular”.

“She will become the greatest guide you have ever seen”.

The little boat was amused, the ocean is talking to me she thought.

The little boat now feeling braver said ‘you are so big and I am so small, how can I make a difference”?

The ocean quiet for a moment letting the stars sparkle off her surface.

The little boat was dazzled .

“What difference do you want to make?”

The little boat thought for a second.

“I want to show the world what a little, rudderless, boat with broken compass can do”

Lots of other little boats had appeared whilst she had been talking with the ocean.

Each was beautiful in its own way. Sails of all different colours, magnificent carved wooden hulls. Each was unique. Each was on her own journey.

The little boat thought of the breeze. How could she transform? What would she become? What was more beautiful than a force of nature as your guide?

The little boat looked out to the horizon. The ocean stretching into the deep night.

The water beneath her became charged….energy surging and pulsing out to the ocean floor.

The little boat spoke courageously for the first time.

“show me”

A magnificent green neon run way jettisoned out from beneath her running to the horizon, moving at the speed of light .

It danced through and with the ocean. Light and colour flashing everywhere.

The voice she knew was back .


The little boats tiny heart soared.

The ocean had been lit up, the stars shone their brightest. All the little boats moved with the forces around them.

The majestic powerful ocean and the beautiful  luminous guide captivating the little boats as they moved as one.

The little boat thought I’m ready for an adventure.

The End x





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