When you cant take anymore…

When you c

I know you are out there …Fighting the big fight …The fight with Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Terror.

The fight with yourself. The fight with your mind. The fight with your history. The fight with your experiences.

The fight with all the shit they told you. The fight with the labels they gave you.

The fight with not knowing where you fit in the world. The fight to belong somewhere anywhere.

The fight to hide the torturous things you have endured. The fight to be seen, noticed and heard.

The fight to be respected and understood. The fight to be who you truly are.

I know you are out there.

I know you are feeling the endless exhaustion ebbing in and out of your body like the tides of the oceans.

I know you a feeling the fear in the nights and the emptiness in the days. I know you are out there.

It can be hard, so damn hard.

I know you are asking why me? Why am I being punished? Why is this happening to me?

I know you are out there.

I KNOW you are saying I want live. I want to fight for my life.

I know you are saying I survive.

I rise up.

I shine brighter than an exploding star.

I ignite my soul. I command all my strength. All my love. Every last part of me.

I Fight.

I am a force of nature, I am unstoppable. I am the flood, I am the warm sunrise. I am the beauty in stars. I am the power in the river. I am the freedom on the wind.

I am incredible.

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