The Imperfect Perfect Coffee..

Today I broke a habit, smashed it like Wonder Woman breaking a rifle across her back. I left the house with out my phone.
The chorus of gremlins began singing in my head, you can’t drive your car without having your phone! What if something happens? What if nursery call?
But here I was leaving the house with out it. “I don’t need it” I said as I marched out of the front door.
We set of to nursery and then on to ‘jobs’. Once Tilly and I had finished we decided we would reward ourselves with a coffee and cake stop.
We did the usual toilet first drills. I only just managed to stop Tilly breaking out while I was mid flow. Thankfully on this occasion the allure of the sink at toddler hight kept her entertained… Phew!
Amazingly we didn’t have to wait today. The Get Served Quick Gods where looking down  kindly on us.
I went through the auto pilot order, I remembered myself and made a point of using the barristers name. Its nice to be noticed right? He flashed me a huge smile back.
I asked for the drink I wanted, having succumb to the amazing looking coffee on the board. “Would you like cream with that”?
“William you are killing me” I said laughing.
William now having been noticed twice. Realising he was not just a human check out started laughing too.
Normally I would decline…….But not today………..Today I was surrendering. Today I was going to embrace the moment…
I was phone free after all.
In my head I was saying YES I want the cream.
YES I want it in all the Violet Beauegrade ways possible, full on spoilt child, I want IT. 
YES! I want the glorious mountain of cream on my coffee.
I deseve it.
I was all ready imagining that cup of magnificent coffee topped with  whipped cream sitting steaming in front of me. Decorated in a glistening sugary drizzle screaming DRINK ME!!!!
Today I was unashamedly having christmas in a mug.
What I actually said was “Can I have one of those marshmallow things and a baby chino please”.
William happily obliged his whole body smiling as he went.
We found a safe spot to occupy. I was set on not interfering with anyone else’s coffee moment. I then set to the Mummy, toddler chess game of moving and shuffling stuff around the table.
As we settled in, I handed Tilly the sugary marshmallow sword. Her eyes widened to plates, she embraced it with glee.
I could see the excitement radiating out of her as she clamped her toddler jaws around what looked to me like a rainbow coloured unicorn poo on a stick.
As gooey marshmallow oozed out of the sides of her mouth. I watched in amazement at how committed she was to embracing the whole moment completely.
I realised I was totally focussed on my daughter, watching her delight in devouring this sugary treat.
She put down her half eaten marshmallow pop. Picked up her cup and said ‘cheers Mummy’.
I thought my God I love this kid so much….My heart swelled to ten times the size.
This tiny tot knows how to be in the moment.
How to embrace the small things.
How to show gratitude and celebrate.
Who is teaching who?
I raised my mug “cheers Tills” as she clinked her paper cup against mine… 
Both of us revealing in our coffee morning.
We began the game of doing cheers for everything. Tilly squealing with delight every time our cups bumped each other.
All of a sudden I noticed something happening around us. I could feel the eyes. 
People had put down their phones and stopped typing, now watching us, someone went as far as toasting us back with their steaming hot brew.
Our fun had been infectious and others where now joining in with our moment of joy!
As Tills went back to her marshmallow it got me thinking. I would have missed all of that if I had brought my phone out.
As she now enjoys her well earned sugar high, and a joyful journey into a magical dreamscape.
I realised my two year old taught me about being present. What it means to live in the moment.
The habit of having my phone with me is well and truly broken.
The cost is far to high.
No more sleepwalking through life.

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