Taking A Stand For Monday

Who said Mondays have to be miserable…
Seriously who put that load of utter BS out into the world…..Its imbedded in the mindset of the nation maybe even the world.
People are literally waking up P’ed off!!!
Just because of the day of the week. No one pulls that crap on Tuesday.
I mean Friday that gets all sort of love…TGIF …songs about Friday Friday, Friday, Friday….
Monday is like the awesome kid in the class that gets overlooked for no good reason.
Yes but the weekend has finished?
We have to go back to work I hear you say……
The first thing is Monday being a SHIT day is a belief system….. and here’s the shocker …. You learnt that pile of turd from someone.
Someone gave you a belief that Mondays are less of a wonderful day of the week than any other day.
So now people all across the land are stirring from the nights sleep waking up in to a bad mood. Just because some one told them they should.
Well what if you love your job?
What if when you wake up I the morning all you want to do is SPPPRING (said in a Mary Poppins voice of course) out of bed.
What if on a Monday you wake up excited for the week ahead.
Excited …. YES …. I used that word.
Its totally possible….
NOW even I am shocked at this one. As I’m sitting here typing this I woke up excited, excited for the new week, excited for all the lifes I get to watch change, excited for Monday.
Monday you absolutely brilliant and wonderful day.
I will celebrate you.
I will take a stand.
I will no longer be told how I am supposed to feel. They are MY feelings. I choose to be grateful for Monday. To have another Monday. To embrace Monday.
From hence forth in my life Mondays will be all the M’s
Mega Magnificent Magical Monday.
Its ON Monday
Lets go and take the week by the flaps.
Have a stonking week you beautiful lot x

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