The Worst Meme Ever! Happy Hug a Spider Day.

The Worst Meme Ever! Happy Hug a Spider Day. I can see your faces now.
Hell No! Are you MAD? “F that Mand.” I know, that’s what I thought too.

A few days ago I met a spider. I had done my ‘meditation’ AKA Nicola says I should. I am actually getting pretty ninja at going all zen.
Feeling electric but calm, I wandered into the bathroom. Reached in turned on the shower and pulled back the curtain.
I came face to face with this eight legged beast, screaming up the side of the bath straight towards me. I went from Zen warrior princess calm to eye popping, shit your pants, fuck I’m going to die mode.
WHOOSH ….Adrenaline pumping through my body ….HELLO… Fear!
I mean the way I reacted as I pulled back that curtain. You would think I had come face to face with the Night King and the Army of the Dead.
I was the one who was frozen.I was ready to scream for help, send and up the bat signal…My trusty dyson no use in that bathroom…damn it rendered weaponless.
And then something happened ….something different.
I acknowledged my fear.
Hello you fucker what are you doing here? I was talking to the feeling in my body…It was gripping me motionless routed to the spot.
I thought ok this is a normal response …its gong to pass.
Every thing I know about fear told me this was normal.
I had shown myself compassion and said its ok. What happened next I am still some what recovering from.
I realised Pricilla was not charging at me!! Yes I named her.
She was desperately trying to save herself. Mirroring the very fear and terror I was experiencing. We were in this moment together. Me and the Spider Queen.
My inner Steve Erwin kicked into gear “come on mate, shes a beaaaut, SAVE her.”
Acting with purpose and intention that only a short sharp shot of adrenaline can give you.
I had reached for a sponge and loaded Pricilla the queen of shower scaring onto it.
Pricilla climbed aboard the spider life raft and took her recuse from the torrent of water she was trying to escape.
As brave, compassionate and courageous I was feeling even I have my chivalrous limits.
Out of the window she went ….
Hooray all hail Amanda the brave.
On reflection I recognised that Pricilla had taught me a big lesson.
Everyone and everything feels fear, from giant spider beasts to full grown wonder Mums.
Its ok.
It will pass.
Especially if Pricilla is flying on a web of string out of the bathroom window.
Amanda x

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