Rogue Therapy With Amanda Wanowski

I realise that many people are struggling with life. That they have listened, talked and sort help from so many places and nothing has seemed to helped yet.

That when they look in the mirror, they do not recognise who they have become. That the overwhelm is affecting them in ways they can hardly find words for.

That the problem seems theirs alone, they know it can change, and want to overcome it themselves. They want to understand themselves and restore so much of what t defines them as who they are.

That some how they can no longer see, what they need to do, this was always easy for them.

That some how they are in the dark.

That the thought of feeling worse, or feeling at all is stripping them of any experience of a positive life.

Everything in their life is affected.

Things that where easy have become challenging, relationships, thinking straight, decision making, sleeping, staying healthy, socialising, laughing, work.

The simple things that brought so much joy, seemed to have dissapeared . They know deep down there was a time when it did not feel this way. Yet right now they just cant remember a time before these feelings now.

Where as in the past they never lost control of their emotions, now they are just beneath the surface. At any moment threatening to expose the person in ways they wish the world would not see.

They know how to help others and have carried so many, and so much for so long. That asking for help would never have been an easy choice, because they are and have always been the helper the strong one.

They know that sometimes the most difficult thing to do is to ask for help. Yes they have always known how to help others.

Yes they where always the person to step up, go forwards take the lead.

They know that taking a stand for themselves is possible.

They know when their back is up against the ropes and life is taking chunks out of them, that getting to the corner when the bell goes is how they get through the fight.

Yes I do know how much courage its taken to get this far.

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